Q: What is MSO.LIVE?
A: MSO.LIVE is an exciting, membership-based video-on-demand service now streaming online. It is the online home of the MSO and it delivers virtual concerts, special events and musical experiences from the MSO, other Australian arts companies, and some of the world’s great orchestras, to a membership of music lovers.

Q: Why has the MSO launched MSO.LIVE?
A: The MSO is always finding new ways to bring Australia’s premier orchestra to audiences. Streaming the MSO online offers members the freedom to access the orchestra and its music wherever and whenever they wish.

Q: What’s on it?
A: A suite of MSO performances via video-on-demand plus programs from the biggest names in orchestral music, with performances from small and medium-sized Australian arts organisations to also appear. MSO.LIVE offers 24-hour entertainment on demand, live and pre-recorded concert hall performances, family-friendly content, audio recordings from the ABC archive, talks and special events.

Q: Is it a free service or a paid one?
A: There is a selection of video and audio recordings available for free on MSO.LIVE. Most of the content is only available, however, to those who purchase a MSO.LIVE subscription or buy On Demand access to content on the service.

Q: Is there a free trial period?
A: Yes! A 7-day free trial is available when you sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. 

Q: What subscription packages are offered?
A: An MSO.LIVE subscription costs $15 per month, or $144 per year (save 20%). A discounted, $120 per year subscription – or $10 per month (save 33%) – is available to MSO Subscribers and supporters and MSO Student members. A one-month pass is available for $30, and pay-per-view access starts at $20. MSO reserves the right to update these costs and will provide members at least 30 days’ notice.

Q: Is it really live?
A: To ensure the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s high artistic standards are met, most MSO.LIVE content will be pre-recorded. MSO.LIVE’s concert recordings are now yours to watch and listen to on demand – at a time and place that suits you.

Q: Is this available anywhere in the world?
A: Yes, most content on MSO.LIVE is available internationally. Subscription and pay-per-view fees will be charged in your local currency.

Q: Is there a discount offered to MSO Subscribers?
A: Yes. MSO Subscribers and MSO Student members are eligible for a 33% discount (down to $10 per month from $15 for a 12-month membership – total cost $120). MSO.LIVE discounts will be emailed directly to eligible Subscribers and Members – or contact the MSO Box Office for more information at boxoffice@mso.com.au.

*NEW* – Gold Friends of the MSO receive complimentary 2022 MSO.LIVE access. Learn more and sign up today at mso.com.au/friends.

Q: Are discounts offered to anyone else?
A: New offers will be presented from time to time. MSO reserves the right to offer additional discounts at its discretion.

Q: How do I access MSO.LIVE?
A: MSO.LIVE can be enjoyed on smart mobile phones, tablets or computers and can be streamed from your web browser simultaneously on multiple devices (up to two) including casting to TVs using Chromecast or Airplay. On the internet, go to MSO.LIVE and follow the prompts to become a member, view content pay-per-view or enjoy the free programs.

Q. How do I cast to my TV using Chromecast or Airplay?
A. Learn how to cast videos from your computer or mobile device here.

Q: Will becoming a member get me access to everything?
A: Currently all content is available to members, with some free content available to non-members as well. In future MSO.LIVE may offer selected programming at an additional cost to members as well as via stand-alone pay-per-view access for non-members.

Q: Can I share my membership?
A: No. A MSO.LIVE subscriber has log-in details that are unique to their account. Subscribers may stream on up to two devices from one account at any one time.

Q: Is the content captioned?
A: Most of the content on MSO.LIVE is musical and not linguistic. MSO.LIVE includes captions for most content that relies on language.

Q: How will my personal data be handled?
A: MSO.LIVE and its transactional suppliers, Stream2 and Stripe will handle customer data in accordance with their respective Privacy Policies and Terms
. These meet the requirements of specific privacy laws within Australia.

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